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Rush PCB Australia offers a single-stop prototyping service center for all types of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Among other services such as electronic and mechanical customization services, such as CNC milling, 3-D printing, and PCB layout services, we also offer mature PCB manufacturing and PCB fabrication at reasonable costs, quick build times, and unsurpassed quality of workmanship. We cater to the requirements of millions of electronic engineers, hobbyists, and industries around the world, and they trust our manufacturing unit, as we offer:

  • Instant Online Quotes (No hidden costs)
  • Quick Turnaround Times (24 hours build time)
  • Over 20 years of Industrial Expertise
  • Professional and Skilled Technical Support

At Rush PCB Australia, we understand that the process of the invention is tightly linked to iteration. When our customers have an idea, they create a design, build a prototype, and test it to see how it works. Depending on the results, they have to make either major changes or minor tweaks until achieving the proper results.

As most of our customers work with printed circuit boards, the traditional in-house approach to prototyping takes a huge effort. Rush PCB Australia takes your orders, gives you an instant quote for it, and places the prototype in your hands within no time at all. This allows our customers to proceed with their core expertise—creative design and testing—without having to spend time wastefully in making prototypes.

PCB Prototypes from Rush PCB Australia speeds up your time to market.

PCB Prototyping on the Cloud

As your PCB prototyping partner, Rush PCB Australia has devised a uniquely new and modern way—PCB Prototyping on the Cloud—an innovative approach to PCB fabrication.

We have combined online PCB ordering and project management on a portal. With our sophisticated cloud manufacturing technology, Rush PCB Australia combines several PCB prototype orders into a large run. The advantages of this approach are obvious—we slash costs as well as turnaround times—and you get the benefits.

As soon as you upload your Bill of Materials (BOM) and your design files, we give you an instant quote. Thereafter, you can monitor the production cycle whenever you want from your browser. Not only do you get your prototype delivered to you quickly, you have adequate time to iterate your design until you obtain satisfactory results.

We Offer Rapid PCB Prototyping

As your partner for PCB fabrication, Rush PCB Australia offers rapid prototyping for all types of PCB prototypes. We are the fastest, as we offer the following advantages:

  • Instant Quotes
  • Quick Support
  • Electronic Parts
  • Quickturn
  • Privacy

You can gauge the speed of our processes from the quick response to your prototype requirements online—we give you instant quotes—you will be able to find out the cost of your project right away.

We offer an on-line project management app and it is a combination of cloud application and our back-end PCB fabrication process. This is what makes it possible for us to offer our customers rapid PCB prototyping. Our solution gives you an easy-to-use portal that offers ordering, quoting, change management, and tracking for your project.

We maintain an in-house inventory of commonly used parts that you can purchase at costs lower than those available in the market do. We make it possible as we purchase in large quantities and that helps us to spread the savings across our customers.

Rush PCB manufactures your prototypes in Silicon Valley.

As Rush PCB Australia has its own assembly line, we do not send your prototypes to external parties for assembly. This way, not only do we protect your Intellectual Property (IP) from being exposed to outsiders, but we also deliver your prototypes in record time. As we do not outsource your prototype PCB assembly, we maintain a close grip over the workmanship and quality of the product, avoiding unnecessary points of failure that may delay or even kill your project.

Our Offer Goes Beyond PCB Prototyping

Although we understand that prototyping is an essential part of our customer’s electronic manufacturing processes, we also know that this step is not the last one for them. Whether our customer is a creator, a small business, an engineer, a kickstarter manufacturer, or an OEM, ultimately, they will want to assemble the PCB into a final product for testing and subsequently require larger numbers for sale.

Consequently, going beyond rapid PCB prototyping, Rush PCB Australia also offers all customers their full support and facilities for larger manufacturing runs and final product assembly services.

Not only do we assemble your prototypes and products, we can hold them in inventory, and ship directly to you, as you require them. We actually offer a highly sophisticated system, wherein using our API you can integrate our services directly within your e-commerce or ERP solution. Now, whenever your customer places orders, we package the product and ship it without you having to lift a finger.

This new approach from Rush PCB Australia to rapid PCB prototyping and PCB fabrication gives you the advantage of bringing your ideas to life in the least possible time. As your most preferred partner, Rush PCB Australia offers you PCB prototype boards quickly and easily. No more managing multiple vendors for your project and waiting for them to deliver your design.