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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Rush PCB Australia takes pride in announcing our ISO 9001:2015 certification. To conform to this new standard, we focus on increasing our business efficiency and leadership, in addition to improving our processes for PCB design, library management, and reverse engineering services.

By adhering to the principles of ISO 9001:2015, we have made key changes around the following business areas:

  • Determining the needs and expectations of interested parties
  • Providing Management Leadership
  • Addressing Changes, Opportunities, and Risks
  • Planning and Controlling Processes
  • Monitoring and Analysing Results
  • Effecting Continuous Improvements

What this means for our customers is they can rest assured we will remain in business for a long time to come, and will support you in delivering your projects to a high quality and on time.

Rush PCB Australia PCB Layout Services

Rush PCB design Australia offers printed circuit boards design services that include:

  • Providing highly experienced expertise for making sure the physical layout of your schematic design meets Design for Manufacturing (DFM) requirements. Although we work from CAD tool design files, we prefer a netlist from our customers.
  • Physically laying out your design in our CAD design tool
  • Adding any of our services or capabilities such as electrical tests, assembly, and others during manufacturing
  • Delivering all the design files along with the finished PC boards to the customer

Schematic: We accept schematic design files from our customers in Altium or OrCAD Schematic and the netlist file in the Protel or Tango format. We prefer the schematic to be complete and verified by the customer, before we start with the PCB design layout. Please ensure the schematic and netlist agree with each other.

Bill of Materials: We prefer the customer specifies individual parts for the design, as we would not know the tolerances and application parameters for the components as well as you would.

The customer must also supply specific information about footprints for each component, as parts often come in several choices of footprints. Providing a complete datasheet for each component or an existing SnapEDA part number, will deliver this requirement in the most efficient manner.

PCB Outline: If you are using a mechanical CAD tool, supply the board outline in IDF file format. You can also draw the board outline using your PCB CAD design tool and deliver the same to us.

PCB Layout Consulting and DFM Check

At Rush PCB Australia, we have an experienced and professional engineering team to help you with your PCB layout. We excel in high current power supplies, FPGA high layer & huge FPGA layouts, mixed signal (analogue & digital), RF & Microwave, Rigid & RigidFlex PCBs, and HDI PCBs.

We will provide the ideal solution for your project, irrespective of the size, as we have specialists in high technology. As your exclusive PCB manufacturing and assembly partner, we will assist you with any type of PCB layout issues, including making sure your design passes complete DFM checks to avoid unnecessary surprises.

As soon as we receive your PCB design files, our engineering team takes over to ensure we can give you an error-free prototype PCB product. Our PCB layout consultation team can help with designs of any layers—starting from a simple 2-layer PCB design to complicated, high-density board of more than 40 layers.

Rush PCB Australia can give you PCB of any shape or size—FR-4, Flex, Rigid Flex, Rigid, or RF/Microwave PCBs.

RushPCB Quality Standards

At Rush PCB Australia, we make quality the foundation of all our activities, continuously striving for improvements that include both external and internal factors concerned with PCB design, prototyping, and PCB manufacture. We have the latest technology, and we ensure complete documentation such as ECNs and ECRs. Our Quality Management System conforms to ISO 9001:2015, and we always track our vendors for quality, all the while ensuring all requirements for customer quality conforms to global benchmarks.

Our manufacturing facility is state of the art with a full range of capabilities for fabricating multi-layer PCBs of all volumes. Our focus on technology ensures our capabilities are far beyond that other manufacturers offer. For instance, we maintain automated selective soldering, automated stockrooms, multi-flex SMT lines with capabilities for automated optical inspection, BGA rework and install facilities and BGA X-ray. We have test resources that include highly trained and qualified engineers, testing capabilities such as ICT flying probes, and other functional and environmental test equipment.

Rush PCB Design Australia Expertise

We are experts in design, fabrication, and assembly of all types of Printed Circuit Boards. Not only do we design and produce PCB prototypes, but also PCBs for all types of production runs. By helping with the customer’s design, we not only create the layouts designed for manufacturing, we also produce the PCB, and we can solder and assemble them as well before returning the finished PCBs to the customer on time.

We are totally flexible towards the needs of the customer. We can provide only the labor required for design, assembly of boards, or for partial turnkey assembly. If necessary, for full turnkey assembly, we can provide the design and labor, we can purchase the parts, and we can also assemble the bare PCBs. Our automated machines are suitable for placing components and automatically soldering them. Therefore, we guarantee precision with repeated installation.

All along the process of design and development, our engineers assist the customer in ensuring the product can be manufactured without issues, has excellent consistency and quality. For instance, we provide assistance for impedance calculations, layer stacking, and design for manufacturability. Our automated test systems ensure everything goes according to your specifications.

Finally, Rush PCB Australia aims to deliver unparalleled quality printed circuit boards to the customers on time, always. This makes us the leading printed circuit board designer and manufacturer in Australia.