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pcb prototype

PCB Prototype

We manufacture 2 to 32 layered PCBs in small as well as bulk quantities for local and global supply. We also undertake special orders involving superior layer counts and unconventional materials.

pcb assembly

PCB Assemble

We specialise in building all printed circuit board assembly types including short-run, one-off, prototypes, and production runs, using rapid turn times, and instant online quoting and ordering.

pcb design

PCB Design

Get your PCBs designed by the Finest PCB Manufacture. At Rush PCB Inc., you will find that our team of engineers are not only fantastically skilled but also well-experienced and forward thinking.


Full Turnkey PCB

We are offering turnkey PCB assembly and manufacturing facilities to our customers. Our turnkey electronic PCB assembly facilities can bring you several benefits.

Rush PCB is the most trusted and innovative PCB manufacturer in Australia. In the PCB landscape dotted with innumerable Printed Circuit Board providers, we, at Rush PCB provide a unique balance of quality, value, and cost. With an experience spanning more than 20 years, we pay meticulous attention to the demands of our clients for turning their ideas into reality.

We accept whatever you ask of us—from designing a PCB from scratch to assembling and testing it—our experienced engineers are always available to design, assemble, and test printed circuit boards to meet your requirements while maintaining constant communication with you.

At Rush PCB, we manufacture 2 to 32 layered PCBs in small as well as bulk quantities for local and global supply. We also undertake special orders involving superior layer counts and unconventional materials. Rush PCB has earned its badge of “Best Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer in Australia” based on hundreds of satisfied customers all over Australia and around the globe—we can confidently say we know how to innovate and engineer a printed circuit board of any kind better than others.

The exceptional range of services we offer at Rush PCB Inc. includes Prototype PCB manufacturing, production PCB Assembly, Flex and Rigid PCBs, High Density Interface (HDI) PCBs, Blind and Buried Micro-vias, Turnkey PCBs, and Quickturn PCBs.

Get your PCBs Designed in Australia by the Finest PCB Manufacturer Base in Silicon Valley

At Rush PCB, you will find that our team of engineers are not only fantastically skilled, but also well-experienced and forward thinking. We are fully aware of the challenges and demands of modern PCB manufacturing, and we have the ability to convert your plans into acts of perfection. We are confident that our flexible and resourceful engineers will not only fulfill your expectations but also exceed them.

A One-Stop Shop for Your PCBs and Assembly

We present Rush PCB as a one-stop shop for all your PCB needs—starting from the design of your PCBs, fabricating them, to full turnkey PCB assembly and testing them. As we specialise in PCBs with high layer-counts, Engineering PCB Prototypes, and the entire range of Electronics Manufacturing Services, we build each of our PCBs to the highest international quality standards.

You will find the Electronic Assembly Services from Rush PCB Inc. to be unmatched in quality, speed, and workmanship. Starting from bare circuit boards to final assembly and box builds, we make sure we are always your premier source, we offer you the most competitive pricing in the industry, and we remain committed to total customer satisfaction.

Our Expanded Capabilities

At Rush PCB Inc., we support all types of innovative printed circuit board designs, including laser drilled micro-vias and cavity boards. We offer thick copper up to 20 oz., via-in-pad, landless vias, via on trace, microwave and RF boards with up to 60 layers.

We have led the PCB industry for upwards of twenty years, and we provide you with the most innovative printed circuit board technologies conforming to the highest international standards the industry uses today. Our full service PCB manufacturing follows international standards such as IPC 6012 Class 3/3A, AS 91000, ISO 9001:2015, MIL-PRF-5510, and MIL-PRF-31032. Rush PCB Inc. is ITAR registered, and we service DOD Contracts.

Therefore, you can always count on us to meet your specific PCB needs, whether it is a simple board or one of the most complex designs. We are always ready to satisfy your small quantity requirements, and we can meet your large-scale production requirements as well.

PCB prototype & PCBA prototype Market

As a leading PCB prototype & PCB assembly manufacturer, we offer fast PCB fabrication and turnkey PCB assembly service.

 Aerospace. Military

 Medical. Bio-Medical.

 Industrial. Automotive

 Student. Hobbyist.

Why Choose Rush PCB Australia

We boast of the following:

  • Best On-Time Shipping Record
  • The Largest Support Team
  • More Than 10,000 Active Customers

As Australia’s largest printed circuit board manufacturer, Rush PCB offers you expanded PCB capabilities and several exclusive services such as free PCB Design software and free DFM PCB tool. At the same time, we also provide excellent hands-on service to our customers for each of their orders.

You can avail of our instant online quoting facilities and use our tracking system to make it easy to place your PCB order with us. As an exceptional electronics manufacturer, we offer:

  • Quality Board all the way from silicon valley
  • Fabrication and Assembly as Quick as One Day
  • 24×7 Live Technical Support
  • One-to-One Professional PCB Engineering Services
  • Instant Online Quote & Order Tracking
  • Same Day and Weekend Quickturn PCBs
  • No Minimum Order Requirement
  • All Types of Lead-Free and RoHS Compliant Finishes
  • ITAR Registered / DOD Contracts Ready
  • Space & Flight Approved Supplier


RUSH PCB impressed me on multiple levels.

– Ricky Martin

“RUSH PCB has completely surpassed our expectations. I am really satisfied with my RUSH PCB.”

– Alan Saki

As Australia’s PCB manufacturer with the highest experience, Rush PCB offers you the best high-quality PCBs and PCB assemblies. You will find Rush PCB to be the printed circuit board manufacturer with whom you can do business most easily. Our customers are the biggest record of our success and this sets us apart from our competitors.

Leverage your Manufacturing with Rush PCB

Rush PCB offers solutions that rival other pioneers in the electronics industry. We are the recognised leader supplying the full range of PCBs used in the development and manufacturing of electronic products.

Rush PCB Australia fabricates high-quality and competitively priced printed circuit boards, allowing you to avoid the risks often associated with buying through an agent. As an electronics manufacturer, we assure you on-time delivery and excellent customer service.

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