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At Rush PCB, we are offering turnkey PCB assembly and manufacturing facilities to our customers. Whether you are a startup getting ready to produce your prototype, or an established OEM planning to add another assembly line, you can take advantage of the full turnkey PCB facilities from Rush PCB.

With huge investments in the latest circuit board manufacturing equipment, Rush PCB now offers turnkey PCB assembly services for the benefit of all types of hardware makers, especially startups. We can give you high quality circuit boards even at low volumes at affordable prices. Not only do we help design your boards, but also order parts according to your BOM, and supply you a fully assembled PCB. In short, we take care of all your PCB requirements from design to assembly, and in turn, you get your PCB fully assembled and tested, ready to mount inside your product. Our turnkey electronic PCB assembly facilities can bring you several benefits.

Full Turnkey PCB Assembly and Manufacturing

The word ‘turnkey’ applies to a product or service ready for immediate use by the customer. As applied to PCB assembly, it means the supplier will handle the complete PCB project, including procurement of electronic parts, other components, manufacturing the PCB, and the complete assembly and testing.

Most turnkey PCB assemblers use Internet cloud-based software and liaise with PCB manufacturers to develop printed circuit boards, and with component suppliers to obtain components. Rush PCB, on the other hand, has its own in-house PCB manufacturing facilities and is able to help customers right from the design stage. Not only is this more efficient and cost-effective for small businesses, it is also very effective, especially when the time to market is critical for the customer. Essentially, with our full turnkey electronic PCB assembly solutions, you can focus more on the development of your product, leaving us to handle the rest of your operations.

Advantages of Full Turnkey Electronic PCB Assembly

Whether you are a startup, a small business, or an established OEM, you can utilize our full turnkey electronic PCB assembly services to invest smaller amounts in printed circuit boards without having to carry a huge inventory. Our turnkey services provide you an efficient and cost-effective solution to assemble and test circuit boards for your products. Furthermore, we give you fully assembled and tested PCBs within the shortest possible lead times.

Effective Management

Collaborating with Rush PCB. as your full turnkey PCB supplier, you have only one vendor to manage. This saves you the frustrations of having to manage several independent vendors for components, parts, and PCB. When you are working with us as your turnkey partner, you will have only a single point of contact. This also means you have a single bill, and we will seamlessly handle any changes you want in the project. We understand that developing prototypes is a time-consuming and expensive process, and having to additionally manage multiple vendors is oftentimes overwhelming.

High Quality Products

Our customers benefit from our professional services. We offer you exceptional quality boards, expert soldering of surface mount components, and fully tested assemblies. As a professional turnkey PCB assembly and manufacturing facility, we only use high quality laminates, solder resist/coverlays, and silk-screening methods.

For several reasons, including intellectual property protection, most customers prefer to have surface mount devices (SMDs) on their PCB rather than use through-hole components. As SMDs require professional assembly using precise automated placement and a reflow oven for effectively soldering them, manual assembly and hand-soldering leaves much to be desired in terms of quality.

To obtain perfect solder joints on very small SMD parts and fine pitch components, we use the latest automated machines and techniques. Therefore, we can offer you the most reliable turnkey electronic PCB assembly solutions in the market.

Design for Manufacturing

One of the key advantages of the professional turnkey solutions we offer is free design for manufacturing (DFM) facility. When you collaborate with us for a prototype, we review your design before production, and assess the design for its fitness for manufacturing. We bring to you notice any part of your design that may cause an issue with manufacturing, and offer our suggestions to overcome the issue.

When you supply us with a netlist file, we can detect errors in the routing of your prototype board that may have crept in when creating your board layout. Identifying errors early on at the prototype design stage is far cheaper than making changes in the final product. We have experienced PCB designers for conducting DFM checks in your design, thereby saving you time and money by preventing mistakes slip by to your final product.

Time Saving through Full Turnkey PCB Solutions

Our full turnkey PCB solutions reduce the amount of work for your team. While we may not be able to reduce the overall time necessary for producing the prototype, our turnkey services can free up the limited number of your employees allowing them to work on other areas that merit their attention.

As your team does not need to deal with separate individual vendors to purchase PCBs, parts, assemblers, and testers, they can optimize their time for improving the design or performing other similar jobs. Turnkey electronic PCB assembly solutions from Rush PCB improve your overall effectiveness, and reduce your operating costs.